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About KHIDMAH HOSPITAL (PVT) LTD. | Vision, Mission and History | Corporate Officers and Directors

Capitol Medical Center buildingThe aim of our creation is `Ibadah’ (worship) of Allah subhanawata’ala i,e to follow Hiscommandments according to the `sunnah’ (way of life) of his dearest servant and prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). We, as the ummat of the last prophet (peace be upon him) have two responsibilities. Firstly to obey the commandant of Allah & to follow the way of Rasulullah (peace be upon him) secondly to strive with our self & wealth for the establishment of that pure way of life throughout the world so that humanity can achieve true success both in this world as well as in the hereafter . Worship does not mean merely special rituals

i.e. salat, siam etc but it is a continuous process of every moment of our life whether we are in special ritual or even while practicing ordinary necessities of our life. It applies to all of us whether we are healthy or ill, we are patients or taking care of patients.

(2) Physical fitness is a gift from Almighty Allah to all human beings. Nobody expects illness. But when a person becomes ill, he should be provided with appropriate health care. We believe sickness comes from Allah & He is the one who cures (As-shafi). The main objectives of `Khidmah Hospital’ is to provide state of the art health services to the patients keeping in mind that Islami Shariah is properly practiced in every stage. Khidmah has some characteristics in providing health services based on Islami Shariah. It maintains separate arrangement for the male and female patients to ensure Hijab (Parda) as well as adequate privacy for female patients. It always tries to serve the patients with best and modern services at a reasonable rate.

(3) According to WHO “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, social and spiritual well being not merely the absence of disease or infirmity .” It is observed that spiritual aspect in health care as envisioned by `WHO’ is totally missing. Our goal is to provide health care services to achieve the state of real health. Health care has turned into a billion dollar business, often, the ethical aspect, wellbeing of the patient, humane approach, integrity, are all compromised for the profit motive.

Khidmah was created to reverse the ill effects as stated above & to develop a truly, ideological example institution which could be a role model for such future institutions.

(4) The principle of Khidmah is to render quality medical services to all groups of people in an affordable price through the optimum use of our resources, maintaining mode & conduct of Islami principles. It does not capitalize sickness/sufferings of the patients rather it aspires to ensure quality services through moderate pricing so that the patients are assured quality care along with a feeling of satisfaction.

(5) Khidmah Hospital was established in 2003 in Dhaka by the initiative of a group of pious muslim investors and physicians. The journey began in 2003 with Out Patient Department and Laboratory facilities. In 2004 the Indoor facilities were started. Now it humbly boasts of 46 bed, 4 operation theatre (2 for male and 2 for female) with a dedicated staff of 157 (One fifty seven).

(6) Currently forty well-experienced dependable, qualified post graduate physician in 19 specialized disciplines have been working to achieve its mission and objectives. Khidmah has established well-equipped state of the art laboratories for both Indoor and outdoor patients.

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